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This is where I get to write about cameras.


All photos on here were taken on film. There are a myriad of reasons why. I like using beautiful old equipment, I like developing my own photos, and I like not having to look through fifteen thousand photos per outing to find the three that are worth sharing.

On film, I essentially shoot two or three emulsions and that's it. Trying out different films and developers is great fun, and there's always time to experiment but as it comes down to it, here's what I come back to:

Ilford HP5+
Essentially THE black-and-white film. Gets developed in HC110b. I shoot this stuff so much I bulk roll it. Be it in 35mm, 120, or 4x5. It's just beautiful. Now obviously there are reasons where I want to minimise grain, or shoot long exposures, yeah fine, but for everything else it's HP5. Go on Mobberley.

Fuji Provia 100F
Film of reference for colour. Reproduction is amazing, colours look like out of a painting, there is no reciprocity whatsoever, it's not overly punchy, and since it's a slide film you can bore the hell out of friends and family on a regular basis.

As for cameras, I now shoot a mix of cameras that have been in the family for 50+ years and one of two newer additions that I am more happy taking out on the regular.

Leica R7

I got this one for a steal on eBay a few years ago. My uncle handed me an R4s, which didn't exactly stand the test of time in a camera bag next to his fireplace for 20+ years, but I am using its lenses. This is my all around street setup. 28mm, or 50, all good. Great camera.

Hasselblad 500cm

I love shooting 6x6. I can't really justify using granddads Rolleiflex all the time, so it comes out at the right time - so most MF photos are done on a 500cm I scored from my good friend Bryan who I know from Shanghai. It shoots wide. WIDE!

Leica M3

What a camera. If this wasn't my granddad's, I'd be using it all the time, but seriously. Dangerzone. I re-applied the leatherette and it's in fantastic shape but again - I don't want to break it, which is why most of the time I'm using the R7 recently.

Rolleiflex 2.8e

The aforementioned 'flex. It's SO GOOD. Really quiet, and razor sharp when I ever manage to focus the thing, which is tough because I'm an idiot.

Same dangerzone applies as to the M3. It works well though.